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Donna Fasano

Julie, Happy New Year to you!

The new blog is beautiful. Reading your post, I felt warm and energetic. What a great feeling! Thank you.

I need to really ponder what feelings I want to focus on in the coming year. Sometimes I feel so scattered... But I promise to think about it. Thank you for reining me in. Your posts are like a tap on my shoulder. Wonderful reminders of what's really important.


Hi Donna,

Happy New Year to you, too! I am so excited about the many ways you're moving forward in your writing (Yes, your newsletters do get read). May happiness and success be your constant companions this year! Thank you for your kind words, and for being the first to comment on my first blog post of my new blog. I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads me.

Shaun Green

Success , vitality , freedom these are my goals .Im new to this process but i find myself studying the law of attraction constantly.
i am trying to put the law into play with everything i do . Good luck on your adventures . i will have fun on mine

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